About me

Maria, 16 year old girl from Poland.
In love with London, vintage photos, indie rock, cycling, wholefood and fashion. The biggest fan of Alexa Chung and Miranda Kerr ever! 
What do I dream about? Just to be happy and have positive attiutude towards life no matter how hard it could be. 

- What are you?
- To define is to limit.
Oscar Wilde, The Portrait of Dorian Grey

About the blog

  The Cup of Frappe was set up in July 2011. Basically, I just wanted to show some of my clothes  and get to know what people think of them. I was keen on buying new items and watching fashion shows from time to time as most of teenage girls.
  When I was spending lots of time visiting other blogs I decided not to be just a typical fashion blogger. I wanted to share a piece of my life with the visitors, let them see something more. Not only did I post outfits but also some photos from parties, travels etc.
  To tell you the truth, leading the blog is not the most important goal at the moment for me. Actually it's likely to never be. I know, I know... saying that I'm not worthy to have a fashion blog, haha :) I enjoy writing posts on the Cup of Frappe and it makes me happy but I'm not a crazy blogger whose life is entirely subordinate to his website. First of all it should be all about fun :)
By and large I think fashion can be such an amazing adventure and that's what I really want to show you on my blog.

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